New Single, Jumping Ship, Releases on Artec Sound Vision Productions

Melanie Bresnan Juping Ship Artwork-01.png

The latest release is out and available on CD Baby, iTunes, and Spotify!  Co-written with Pal Sheldon and released on the Artec Sound label, this song takes a look at the fear and challenges of leaving a bad situation and finding the courage to move onto something better.

I can't resist a good nautical metaphor (is it obvious I'm struggling with the whole land-locked thing?) and Pal is one of my absolute favorite people to cowrite with, so I knew we'd get something good.  Song quickly took on a life of it's own and ultimately inspired some of my favorite artwork yet (greatly aided by Pal's excellent graphic design skills).

I'm so excited for you all to hear it and hope it helps you gather the courage to move on to the next great thing in your life, just as writing it helped me!