Studio Magic: Ritual in the Temple of Music

Studio Magic: Ritual in the Temple of Music

Making music can feel like a sacred act. Whether Pagan, Christian, or atheist, many of us feel a deep, spiritual catharsis when creating music. Even writers who don’t ascribe to any particular faith have expressed a sense that they are channeling the songs they write from something outside themselves rather than creating them independently.

Writing is low magic: it’s instinctual and earthy and raw; the spell is improvisatory and unpretentious. Recording is high magic: there is ritual and formality; the wiring and carefully labeled inputs are a magical array charging the space; the intention is firmly set and - although there is lots of room for adaptation - there is prewritten script that must be breathed to life.

Change is good.

Change is good.

Well, sometimes change is hard. And not all change is good (climate change, changes to laws to prevent people with female bodies from receiving healthcare, most of the changes that Tennessee is making to it’s laws at the moment, etc.) but - on a personal level - change has been good for me this month.

Two big things that are happening/have happened in June: I’m moving to a house as opposed to the lovely but little condo I live in now and I had my first round of recording for a new project that will release early next year.

The Intersection of Art and Music on Patreon

The Intersection of Art and Music on Patreon

That random decision to see what would happen if I threw my camera into time lapse mode was an exciting lightbulb moment. Setting my time lapses to music was my next big lightbulb. And now, well… I’m not quite ready to share the next evolution of this legendary Pokémon, but suffice to say supplies have been ordered and plans have been made.

New Single, Jumping Ship, Releases on Artec Sound Vision Productions

Melanie Bresnan Juping Ship Artwork-01.png

The latest release is out and available on CD Baby, iTunes, and Spotify!  Co-written with Pal Sheldon and released on the Artec Sound label, this song takes a look at the fear and challenges of leaving a bad situation and finding the courage to move onto something better.

I can't resist a good nautical metaphor (is it obvious I'm struggling with the whole land-locked thing?) and Pal is one of my absolute favorite people to cowrite with, so I knew we'd get something good.  Song quickly took on a life of it's own and ultimately inspired some of my favorite artwork yet (greatly aided by Pal's excellent graphic design skills).

I'm so excited for you all to hear it and hope it helps you gather the courage to move on to the next great thing in your life, just as writing it helped me!

Celebrate 31 Days of Halloween with Season of the Witch

I Put A Spell On You Photo 3.jpg

What's my favorite holiday?  Why, Halloween, of course!  It's closely followed by Thanksgiving (food is kind of my thing), but without a doubt, All-Hallows-Eve is the winner.  All around the leaves are changing into brilliant jewel tones; there's a little, invigorating chill in the air; and I can consume pumpkin flavored confections until my farts smell like pie.

To celebrate this most wonderful time of the year, I'll be sharing new content all month long.  As part of the SEASON OF THE WITCH, I'll be sharing new cover songs, music videos, photos, and even some adult coloring pages to help you get in the Halloween spirit.

Look out for something new every week, with a brand new video coming Friday the 13th.

Happy haunting!