Celebrate 31 Days of Halloween with Season of the Witch

I Put A Spell On You Photo 3.jpg

What's my favorite holiday?  Why, Halloween, of course!  It's closely followed by Thanksgiving (food is kind of my thing), but without a doubt, All-Hallows-Eve is the winner.  All around the leaves are changing into brilliant jewel tones; there's a little, invigorating chill in the air; and I can consume pumpkin flavored confections until my farts smell like pie.

To celebrate this most wonderful time of the year, I'll be sharing new content all month long.  As part of the SEASON OF THE WITCH, I'll be sharing new cover songs, music videos, photos, and even some adult coloring pages to help you get in the Halloween spirit.

Look out for something new every week, with a brand new video coming Friday the 13th.

Happy haunting!